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Timmy_Demo_Application eLearningTimmy V.O.
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Timmy_Demo_MedicalTimmy V.O.
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Award Winning ProductionTimmy V.O. Production
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Timmy_Demo_StateofVirginiaTimmy V.O.
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Breaking down the barriers of limited access to education/training. Understanding the real client(s) is/are the learner!

L&D Creators

Senior Analyst Trainers

L.E. Designer

Learning Development



Grabbing the listeners for optimal cognitive relation to the material.  

Chief Learning Officers

Asynchronous Learning

Senior Analytic Trainers


audio & v.o.


Quality should never be compromised.  Content has a short time to impress. 

Podcast Production

Professional grade studio

Audio Engineering

Professional Voice Actor


Professionalism comes at a cost.  Better yet, an investment towards peace-of-mind, flexibility on scheduling, superb quality and a true "team player" asset.

Studio pic 2.jpg
*Professional Studio
*Audio Recording/Editing/Production
*Podcast Production

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Equipped with:

iPDTL (full capabilities)


Former and Current Clients include....



Get to Know Us

It all began in a classroom nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.  My parents were teachers and they were diligent in exposing me to literature.

 In addition, they felt compelled to enroll me for 4-H where I competed with some of the best in the state of NC.


Fast forward 32 years, and after 10 years in the Public School sector, I have trained and grown as a professional Voice Talent.  Working with local businesses and performing at live events, was and continues to be very fulfilling for me. 

 Now, I find even more excitement in providing businesses outside of N.C. with a RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL, Voice Talent that exceeds their expectations!
I LOVE to assist other professionals in creating and producing the BEST audio content possible. Focusing on their necessities!  ​

I have invested in top quality audio hardware and DAW to ensure what I am creating is beyond match.  My voice is described as:  Soulful, rich, engaging, compassionate, Mid Atlantic, neutral tone that’s very appealing across the board!!  

Timmy VO is based in Winston Salem, NC.  I live with my wonderful, successful wife, Amy and our 2 Frenchy/Spaniel pups June & Shadow!

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